Holy Quran with Urdu Translation


File = 1 (Zip file)

Size = 283.44 MB


If your are facing any kind of difficulty to download full Quran as a single big file so try to download it as one by one "Para" below.


1- Make 2 folders in your computer and give them any names, e.g. "A" and "B".

2- Download all Para files from 1 to 30 into folder "A", unzip them in that folder "A".

3- Open "Para-1" folder, press Ctrl+A to select all pictures ( or Menu > "Edit" > " Select all" ) then cut them from that folder and paste them in folder "B".

4- One by one open all Para folders in folder "A" and shift pages to folder "B".

5. At some stages you will get a "Confirm File Replace" message for some files e.g. page678.jpg or page705.jpg etc, select the option of YES to replace them.

6. After shifting of all pages from folder "A", delete that folder.

7. To read Quran from start, open "page003.jpg", adjust its size as per your needs, to read second page press next.


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